What I’ve Been Up To

So it’s once again been a while since I posted. I figured I’d get on and list out the projects I have done in the past few months and also list out the projects I have upcoming.

So first and foremost I finished this wall hanging for Christmas:


Then I made this pillow cover for Thanksgiving:


Which then prompted me to make a pumpkin table mat for under the lamp:


Then I finished my Christmas quilt:


Then I made a Advent Calendar for fun:


So what’s next?

I have a pattern picked out for teacher’s gifts. I don’t have to start on those for a while though.

I am going to make a simple quilt of valor for someone at the kids school. I need to have that done before May.

I’m probably going to make a quilt for the auction at school once again. I believe I have until April to do that.

I have another pillow to make for Christmas. I’m doing that this weekend.

I have joined a block of the month club so I need to start on those so I don’t fall behind.

Then if I get anything for Christmas I will work on that.

Also I think I might actually for real start on a kit I got for Christmas a long time ago.

I’m looking forward to the end of the year when I can put together my year end collage of all my quilts for this year. I look forward to making some more for myself as well this upcoming year.

About Me

Hello! My name is Pamala!

I am a divorced, single mother of two beautiful girls, Kaylee and Annabelle.

I blog to write out my thoughts and opinions on my own life and issues that interest me. I do not write to please anyone and don't censor for the sake of others.

What you read here is me, no lies, no exaggerations. If you don't like it, simply don't read it.


Kaylee is my oldest daughter and she's 10 years old.

Kaylee enjoys drawing, playing, reading, watching movies, and playing with her sister, Annabelle.

Kaylee currently is in 5th grade. She also enjoys reading, writing, computers, Minecraft and plays the Sax and Volleyball.

Kaylee has a disorder called Hyperinsulinism. She takes medication to maintain her blood sugar but other than that she's perfect in every way.


Annabelle is the youngest and most wild of the family! She is 6 years old!

Annabelle loves her sister Kaylee more than anyone in the world. She enjoys running after her sister, playing with toys, and yelling at family!

Annabelle is in 1st grade and kicking butt in school. She plays Softball and Soccer in her free time. She says when she grows up she wants to coach Softball, be a police artist, a chef, and a teacher. She has goals.

Annabelle has Hyperinsulinism but requires no meds to remain within a healthy range (just like Mommy). She just requires us to pay attention to when she's sick or growing to make sure she's fine.

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