When Social Networking Goes Bad…

Remember I mentioned a two year old died earlier this week and his mother tweeted about the whole ordeal right after it was happening. Anyhow the shit hit the fan in regards to it. And this is why social networking, at least in the extent that this mother had done (sponsorship deals, thousands of followers, etc…) can go bad.

The national media managed to pick up on it. Not because of the fact that the child died, but rather because she literally was tweeting when he was dying. Not that this makes it her fault, accidents happen, and this accident happens to be one that happens far too often, and to the best of parents. But the fact that she was on Twitter has brought up many questions in general about Social Networks and the usage of them by people.

It’s a balance really, some make money from it, some just use it as a way to release and talk with people, and some take it way too far. Do I know if the mother in this case took it too far? I don’t know. She made a living from it, so I can’t say it was taking it too far. I mean who wouldn’t want to make a living that way? Sadly her form of making a living has now backfired and come around to really bite her in the ass. I think her Blogging and Social Networking career is officially over.

What’s happened is she broadcast her life all over the internet, tweeting nearly all day about her activities. Then this horrible thing happens, and she does what she normally does, tweets about it. Well some people find the tweeting just odd, can’t believe the story, and then there were just some morons, and managed to light a wild fire of fights on Twitter.

One person in particular seems to have taken the wrath of the Mommy Blogger community, and it’s only fueled her to be more and more vocal about her judgement on the situation, so much so that she’s appearing on MSNBC and in papers. What the outrage from the Mommy Blogger community has also done is ignited interest by news media outlets in the story in general, and they’re trying to contact the family for information and responses to the vocal few who are talking. Of course the family wants nothing to do with it, they want their privacy and to be left alone.

Now this I would typically agree with, and think that it should have been that way from the beginning, but how can you go from broadcasting your life all day to thousands of people, to telling people to leave you alone and give you privacy? And this is where Social Networking in this manner can be harmful. When you’ve reached Mommy Blogger celebrity status, privacy sort of flies out the window. It’s like Tiger Woods asking for privacy. It doesn’t work that way. You live your life in the lime light, people are going to want answers, and sadly they’ll want them from you.

People will say, but she’s not a celebrity. Well yeah, technically she doesn’t do anything remotely celebrity like, but she is a celebrity in the Mommy Blogging community, and sadly subject to the same crap as other celebrities would be as well. I mean imagine if this had been someone famous, like Brad Pitt and one of his children had passed away. You bet your ass there would be speculation, interview requests, all sorts of junk, and believe me this Mommy Blogging community would be the ones judging the hell out of the situation (they like to act like they wouldn’t but I’ve seen it in the past). With popularity comes a lot of interest in things you would otherwise think not anyone’s business.

Dr. Phil was sort of talking on this subject, not because of this incident he was just having a show on it, and talked about the pros and cons of social networking. It’s a good show to watch. Social Networking can be a great thing, it just comes with some shitty consequences sometimes.


  1. Agree with your post — and I so wish the story has not gone national (then I would not be following it with morbid curiosity). Yes, broadcasting sensitive information to 5,000 spectators (whoever said they were a ‘community’ is kidding themselves) can lead to unwanted after effects. BTW, how do you know that the mother was making money off social media? (morbid curiosity continues!)

    • Pamala says:

      I don’t know if she made money as in a pay check (but typically while running ads she could have and I would guess she did) but I do know she would get “gifts” from companies, Wal-Mart seemed to be especially giving, which is just as good as money. Some Mommy Bloggers (not saying her in general) can make a pretty good living off of it (ad revenue, sponsorship posts, free gifts).

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