There is a WordPress Update Available…

You know what that means. Possibly losing the site. LOL! So I’ll be updating. If the site goes down you know why.

On a side note, I typically don’t speak politics with family. That doesn’t stop the emails of course. I got one today that frankly was just disgusting. I don’t understand the line of thinking at all. I don’t understand the being scared as they are. I wrote back something to the effect of that and got a really nasty email back. Then I shot back that all I want is respect and to not be sent intolerant racist crap.  We’ll see.

Then on a forum some girl had a fit over the fact that my sister didn’t agree with her about Tony Stewart. Then for some reason she acted like she had some information on me that I’d not want the forum to see.

I called her out. Said spill it cause I wanted to know. LOL! Then she disappeared and suddenly an anon user showed up and “spilled” this information I apparently would like no one to know.

Sad for her, this information has been on the internet ever since I posted it here. I mean seriously am I supposed to feel bad about myself because my Dad is a drug addict/drunk? LOL! Or am I supposed to feel bad about myself because I’m fat? This person apparently thinks that by calling me names that I’m somehow going to get sad. Good luck to her. She did cross a line by calling Kaylee names and wishing death on myself and my sister but in the end she’s not worth really getting worked up over and she dugg her own grave doing that stuff anyhow. But it’s amazing how far people will go when they think they have the protection of anonymity on the internet.

Tomorrow I have six dresses to make. I probably will keep one or two for samples and then print out some brochures for the Farmers Market. I might get a booth there soon since it’s not too expensive. It’s a good way to reach out to more.