Just Checking In

It’s been a very long time since I last posted. Why? Mainly because I work all day on the computer and the last thing I want to do is sit down and write. Plus I don’t think anyone actually read this. But I pay for this site so I should use it.

I started back at ASU. I’m going to be getting a degree in Technical Communication in Spring 2017. So that means I’m almost done! Fall semester starts in two weeks. School for the girls starts in two weeks as well.

It’s exciting. Annabelle is finally going to be with the teacher we’ve waited nearly five years to get. Kaylee is in the 5th grade but at her school that’s middle school so that means she’s finally in the cool uniforms!

I’m quilting away. Currently working on yet another Creeper quilt. It’s my official last one. No more of them will be made. I have 10 other projects I’d like to work on. With school though it’s been hard to find time to do it.

Plus my ex-husband hasn’t been behaving so the kids are with me all the time so finding the time to sit down and quilt has been next to impossible.

We’ve set up a new routine in the hopes of keeping bedrooms clean. That means this weekend the girls have to clean their room again. I purchased a desk for them so they have a place to sit and do homework.

Over the summer we’ve worked on Math with Kaylee and writing with Annabelle. Kaylee doesn’t need much help in math, she’s pretty good at it. She’s just not into the details so often misses the small stuff, like writing the numbers correctly.

I have to get the girls going on their summer reading. Kaylee has been working on hers but doing it slowly. Annabelle’s is quick and I’ll probably do it with her this weekend.

Maybe I’ll post more. LOL! Probably not. We’ll see.

What I’ve Been Up To

So it’s once again been a while since I posted. I figured I’d get on and list out the projects I have done in the past few months and also list out the projects I have upcoming.

So first and foremost I finished this wall hanging for Christmas:


Then I made this pillow cover for Thanksgiving:


Which then prompted me to make a pumpkin table mat for under the lamp:


Then I finished my Christmas quilt:


Then I made a Advent Calendar for fun:


So what’s next?

I have a pattern picked out for teacher’s gifts. I don’t have to start on those for a while though.

I am going to make a simple quilt of valor for someone at the kids school. I need to have that done before May.

I’m probably going to make a quilt for the auction at school once again. I believe I have until April to do that.

I have another pillow to make for Christmas. I’m doing that this weekend.

I have joined a block of the month club so I need to start on those so I don’t fall behind.

Then if I get anything for Christmas I will work on that.

Also I think I might actually for real start on a kit I got for Christmas a long time ago.

I’m looking forward to the end of the year when I can put together my year end collage of all my quilts for this year. I look forward to making some more for myself as well this upcoming year.

Christmas Season is Coming…

So what does that mean? It’s time to make some Christmas quilts and place mats for the table! I need a Christmas table runner as well.

IMG_9385I did finish the birthday quilt as well. I like how it came out. Can’t wait to give it to the intended recipient but we have to wait.

I started on a Christmas wall hanging which I don’t have photos of and will probably finish that this weekend. I also started on a Christmas throw but that won’t be finished for a while since I need to get the backing.
IMG_9434I think this year I’ve done a lot of projects and I’ve been proud of them all. I’m looking forward to my yearly recap.

I’m still trying to determine what I’m going to do for the school. I have a few months before that has to be done though.

A Shopkins Quilt

So I’m working on a quilt for Kaylee’s friend’s birthday. She likes Shopkins so I decided to take on some appliqué work and do a Shopkins on the front. I have to say I’m quite happy with how it turned out.


IMG_9253Then I did a satin stitch to outline it and I think it looks a lot better so I’m happy.

IMG_9256Now all I have to do is sandwich the quilt and quilt it, which I’m doing a simple stitch the ditch or something on this quilt.


Another Month, Another Project Finished

I’ve neglected to post about my most recent projects! So back in August I posted about a project I was working on. I finished it! I decided to practice a bit of free motion quilting on that project and let me tell you, I sucked at it, but since it’s my personal quilt it’s okay.

Not helping.

Not helping.

What's quilting without a little help?

What’s quilting without a little help?

Up on the design board

Up on the design board

Finished Quilt. I like it a lot.

Finished Quilt. I like it a lot.

Working on my next project…

My mom asked if I was going for the world record for quilts made in a year and I realized I’ve made a lot of quilts this year so far. It’s okay though, I enjoy doing it.

IMG_9113I’m currently working on a project made with the fabric I was given for my birthday. I hope to have the top done by this weekend. Then I’ll have to purchase the backing and inners and I’ll be able to finish it. I like it so far.


The hardest part I think of this quilt was the cutting. Sewing is easy especially when you chain sew, but the cutting was a pain in the butt and took forever. Also there has been a lot of math involved with this quilt. Since I’ve written everything out I think I might write this up into a pattern.IMG_9114

I’m also currently building the pattern for the Christmas fabric I received. I have two Christmas quilts I am going to make. One is a kit so not much work has to be done there. The other was just fat quarters given to me so I have to put together a pattern that will use all the fat quarters and not require more.

IMG_9108Then I have to work on the quilt for my daughter’s friend. I need to work out several options for getting the applique put on it. I’m going to try to get that one done sooner rather than later so that I can spend time on my Christmas quilts.

After that I don’t know what I’ll do mainly because I’m nearly out of fabric. I have some ballet fabric I’d like to use to make Kaylee another quilt but I need first to obtain some more matching fabric for it because it’s not enough to really do anything with.

This is not the layout.

This is not the layout.

Kaylee also requested I make her a Creeper pillow which I may work on someday.

I’m on a roll…

My sister said for our birthday she wanted a quilt. She told me this about a week and a half before our birthday. So I ordered a kit and busted out a quilt in under 40 hours. She liked it so that’s good.


Then I completed the top to another quilt I’m making for a friend of my daughter for her birthday. That project has to be completed before Nov. so I’m not concerned yet about it.


Now onto my next project that involves some fabric I received for my birthday. I’m hoping to work on it this weekend.



Another Quilt Finished

I finished up Kaylee’s Jelly Roll Race Quilt today. I was thinking of writing up a tutorial on it but honestly, you can probably find one by Googling it anyhow.

IMG_8961IMG_8970Yesterday I was looking through my mother’s fabric stash and she has so many cool fabrics I want to make things out of. But I can’t.

I have so many idea but not enough fabric. She has a whole closet full of fabric and won’t share!

I will soon be starting on a quilt project for my sister. She’s been asking for a quilt forever so why not?

I also have to work on the quilt for Kaylee’s friend. That one won’t take long and it will be one I work on between other projects. I have a ballet quilt I want to make as well for Kaylee. Then there is a small wall hanging I want to make.

So many projects, so little time!

Annabelle’s Quilt Finished

This weekend I pinned, quilted and put the binding on Annabelle’s quilt.

Pinning was especially hard since I have a hurt knee and I pin by laying the quilt out on the ground and then pinning it. So try doing that without putting any weight on your knee. Not easy.


For the quilting I just did a wavy line across it. I don’t get fancy with my quilting.



I have to say for me this is perhaps the best binding job I’ve done. I’ve always done it backwards because I machine bind rather than hand stitch the binding. This time I managed to get the binding to look great on both sides.


Now all I have to do is buy the backing for Kaylee’s quilt. Hopefully it will get here before the end of the week because I want to work on her’s next weekend.

I’ve also begun the quilt I’m making for Kaylee’s friend which has to be done in November. The quilt itself will be easy to put together, I’ll have that done in a week or so probably. The issue is the appliqué I have to figure out how to get done. I wonder if there is a website?


Jelly Roll Race Quilt

So after I came home from vacation last week I decided to take on a Jelly Roll Race quilt. I had read it could take up to an hour to do or even several depending on your skill level. Luckily for me it only took about an hour and a half. While camping Annabelle had visited a local quilt shop and chosen a Jelly Roll, LOL by Me and My Sister and told me to make something. So Jelly Roll Race it was.

11053139_10152811996471792_4202141888452565562_nFeeling bad that I haven’t really made anything for Kaylee in a while on Sunday I had her pick out a Jelly Roll from Fat Quarter Shop and it arrived today in the mail. Well she didn’t pick a Jelly Roll rather a Rollie Pollie, Fine & Dandy by Lori Whitlock. Rollie Pollie’s have only 18 strips in them and for a good size Jelly Roll Race quilt you need 40 strips. So I purchased two of them and then found four extra strips that coordinated with the rolls.

Then I got sewing.

IMG_8860IMG_8861Within about an hour and a half (some interruptions were in there so time wise it was longer) the project was finished.


Tomorrow the backing for Annabelle’s Jelly Roll Race quilt should arrive and I can pin and quilt that one over the weekend. I have to determine what type of backing I want to use on Kaylee’s and purchase it.