So I had surgery on the 16th and it went well. I did though have to spend some time in bed resting and what not. So while laying around doing nothing I had to decide on what to watch on TV and finally said to myself that I might as well watch Sherlock since it was there.

It’s a damn good show. Managed to watch all three series in one weekend. They’re filming series four at the moment too! It’s a very good show. And that’s saying a lot coming from me because I’m pretty critical of television. It’s too bad though that it’s not a full on TV series like we’re used to. Of course both the main actors for the show have had some very big movie roles over the past few years so I imagine that’s why it’s done as it is done.

The kids managed to get the flu while gone when I was recovering from surgery. Neither went to school this week. On Monday Kaylee sees her endocrinologist. I’m debating sending her to school for a few hours on Monday morning. Or just sleeping in and not sending her at all. LOL!

Anyhow here are some pictures to look at.


Stress. Apparently I have too much of it.

If it’s not stressing about work, it’s the kids, or Brian or whatever. Then add on top of it I scheduled a surgery for the end of the week, which I’ll probably stress about as well.

I’m trying to remain calm about that though. It’s a minor surgery, shouldn’t be more than an hour. I think if anything I’ll probably stress about the after care because I’m a freak like that. Worrying about infection and what not.

I’ll have to work on controlling my anxiety on that. I guess a good part of the surgery though was for Pre-Op they had to do a routine blood panel which is something I wanted done anyhow. So at least that will be done. Hopefully those come back soon so I can see what they say.

Otherwise nothing much is going on. Kaylee is doing well at school, Annabelle is enjoying preschool. It’s all good. Had fun over the holidays. Went to Disneyland, luckily after the Measles crap went down.

But that’s about it really.

The Winter Musical

DSC_8231If you didn’t know, Kaylee is in band at school. She plays the sax. They had their winter musical yesterday. She did really well honestly. She said she wasn’t nervous because she just pretended she was in class rather than in front of the school and parents. Good for her. We did have a minor “AHHHHH” moment before the performance where her mouth piece fell apart, but nothing that wasn’t quickly fixed. I took video of it which I will upload to Facebook. She seems to enjoy the sax. Says she wants me to purchase one for her (we rent her current one). I’ll have to look into that over the summer if she’s still into it.

I know I haven’t posted in FOREVER. I just post mainly over on my Person of Interest blog and that’s about it. There isn’t much to post about these days. Nothing is literally going on.

I’m about to finish a quilt for a Christmas gift but I can’t post pictures of it. The quilt looks good, the quilting job I did was crap though. Hopefully though once I run it through the washer and maybe iron it, things will correct themselves. Overall I know the person I’m sending it to probably won’t give a damn what it looks like, but I am not happy at all.

Not Much To Report

Nothing much to report here. Got the kids school photos back. That’s about it. Holidays are coming up. Nothing really is planned. Oh also got photos done with the girls in the first time in forever.

10421104_10152331081036792_5822817601181064843_n 10665196_10152330816996792_2450491614673359733_n 10384118_10152329549246792_949487852892593012_n


Latest Project Finished

DSC_8105Recently I have been working on a baby quilt for a coworker who is having a baby boy early next year. I used the Zoologie fabric line to make this quilt. It’s a quick quilt, took no more than 10 hours to piece together and quilt (since I do simple quilting).

Originally I was going to offer this quilt as a custom quilt in the shop but sadly the fabric for this is not easy to find anymore. But I can do similar to it, with the updated fabric from the line.

Which reminds me I haven’t told you about my newest venture: Forever Quilty. It’s my quilt shop. Go check it out!


Minecraft Creeper Quilt

I finished Kaylee’s Minecraft Creeper Quilt and I’m thinking about writing up a how to on it. It wasn’t really all that hard to be honest with you. A bunch of 9 patch squares, and then a bunch of 5 inch squares. Maybe some time when I feel like it I’ll do it. But until now just pictures.



Monthly Update

Because I’m apparently very horrible at updating this thing.

So we had what I would say is our first “weird” day with Kaylee and her blood sugar. Typically we’ve seen stable blood sugar and lows only in the 70s and 60s. That day she was in the 50s and would come up and drop fast. To say a lot of candy was eaten that day would be an understatement. But I haven’t figure out what and still am not sure about what caused it. Usually it’s sickness and while she ran a mild what wouldn’t even be considered a fever by a doctor for that day and the next, there was nothing else and she was fine by Saturday.

But the lymph nodes on her back were inflamed and that typically means she was sick. Luckily whatever it was she got over it quickly.

In quilting news I’m almost done with Kaylee’s Creeper quilt. I plan to fully finish it this weekend. I made a table runner one day and it’s cool. I’m going to make a Halloween one this weekend as well.

I had several people request I make them quilts, like they would pay me. I had to turn them down. While it would be cool, I don’t know how much I would enjoy making a quilt for someone else and frankly that’s a lot of pressure for perfection and I don’t want to do that. Plus I have three projects I need to get done by March of next year so I just don’t have the time.


Common Core

I don’t know anyone that reads this anymore but I’m going to do a little humble bragging about Kaylee.

Her school has been closely aligned with Common Core, not on purpose, but because that’s just how they’ve always been. They’re making the switch to align everything completely with Common Core right now. Frankly I’m excited because the results I’m seeing in Kaylee are amazing.

So lets start off where Kaylee left off in 2nd grade.

She ended the year at the following grade levels:

Reading = 5.1
Math = 4.2
Language = 12.5
Spelling = 6.1
Environment = 3.7

Overall Grade Level = 5.4

Kaylee has been in school for just about a month now and her current scores are as follows (in order of the list on the website):

Music = A (100%)
Math = A (96%)
PE = A (100%)
Homework = A (100%)
Listening & Speaking = A (100%)
Reading = A (93%)
Science = A (96.4%)
Social Studies = A (91.3%)
Spanish = B (87%)
Technology = A (90%)
Writing = B (85%)

I’m certainly not complaining about all of those scores. They’re amazing to me. The writing one will improve, she tends to try to do things fast, when she slows down she doesn’t miss things as much. The Technology grade only has had one assignment and it was out of 10 points and Kaylee got 9, so I imagine as time goes on and more assignments are added things will improve.

This is pretty typical of her class as well. Now I can attribute this to several things, Kaylee is smarter than most (which I believe to be true), she attends a private school so that helps, and frankly their curriculum is amazing. So I guess I’m failing to see the huge issue with it when I’m seeing such huge success. I guess when my kid goes into high school and is at a college level we’ll just pretend it had nothing to do with CC.


I said I would post more…

So why not with a rant about how silly people are these days.

You know the internet has really brought out the tacky in people. Remember when it was Bridal Showers and Baby Showers with specific gift requests that were just tacky. Now it’s people on the internet asking for donations to help them go on vacation or buy things they don’t need, but rather want.

When the hell did society turn into a bunch of tacky people who instead of doing what most sane people do, saving money, would rather ask for it from others.

Hey, newsflash, if you can’t afford a vacation, you don’t get to take one. If you can’t afford the fabric for your quilt, you can’t make one. Suck it up and save money until you can. But don’t go begging around the internet asking for someone else to give you money to do your hobby or take your vacation.

I mean how rude in general. As if the people you’re asking money from don’t want to vacation themselves, or do hobby’s they may have.

No one wants to work hard anymore. They all want it given to them. They’ve been fed this bullshit that they deserve this and that, well guess what, you don’t. You work for what you get.

If you’re in true need, that’s when you ask, that’s when you go to your friends and family and request help. But for this crap like a vacation or hobby funding, that’s just rude and disrespectful in my opinion.

Sure I’d love people to give me money to do what I want with, I’d love to go on a vacation that’s not paid for by me. I’d love to make a crap ton of quilts without paying for the fabric. But you know, that just isn’t going to happen.

And then all these good hearted people who give, I mean good for you for wanting to help, but you’re just making this entitlement problem worse. What’s even more sad is when people in real need try to fundraise and what not they get nothing because all these fools asking for vacation donations.


Send me a song

Title only because I couldn’t think of anything to put as the title. I really have to keep up with this blog. Maybe now that Person of Interest is picking up again I’ll post some more.

Anyone watch The Leftovers? To say I’m confused would be a understatement. I don’t get it. I am pretty confident that’s what they want for the viewer, to be completely confused so much so that you continue watching the show. Thank God it has a good looking guy as the lead and frankly seeing The Doctor helps too cause he’s my favorite Doctor after all.

So A&E cancelled Longmire. Why? Probably because the demo was wrong. So what if it was the most viewed drama on the station. The wrong people watched it. Plus A&E likes to control their content and they don’t actually produce the show. But you know what that means? That someone else will probably pick it up, because they aren’t idiots like A&E is.

School has started. Kaylee has decided she wants to do band. So she will be learning to play the Alto Sax. To say that wasn’t a bit of me pushing it would be wrong. Frankly I would have loved to learn to play the sax myself. I have a love of Kenny G. I don’t have any real expectations for Kaylee. She may enjoy it or she’ll hate it. But either way it’s a good thing to learn.

She’s also doing ballet which she is enjoying and taking very seriously.

Then she has a minor obsession with Minecraft and I think with the other things that all is balanced out so I don’t need to be concerned.

Annabelle is just being Annabelle. In a month or two they will open up registration for Softball which Annabelle is excited to play. She wants to do ballet but there are very few studios that offer ballet for her age that isn’t combo with tap.

I finished one quilt and am now working on Kaylee’s Minecraft quilt. I’m hoping to have it done in the next few weeks and then I can start on another quilt. I also have two ideas for other quilts that I’m excited to get on doing.

Here’s a picture of my finished quilt. I’d say what it’s for but it’s a surprise for someone and just in case they’ve found me out I’m not going to say what for. LOL!