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So it’s been suggested that perhaps it’s been enough time since my divorce (four years to be exact) and that I should start actively seeking out someone new. We’ll just ignore the logistics around finding someone in general and how that’s damn near impossible at the moment, but it seems to be highly unlikely too.

Lets say that average beginning dating is age 13. I went from age 13 to 20 without ever going on a date, no romantic anything during that time. My ex was my first everything, and so I technically have zero experience at doing anything to be honest.

So now I’m 32 years old with two kids and I’m somehow supposed to get back to dating? How the hell does one even do that? Where do you find people? I don’t drink, the bar scene has never been me. So what, do it online again? Because that worked out so damn wonderfully the first time right?

You know what I’ll do instead? Quilt.

I finished one quilt over the weekend. Now I’m going to work on Teacher’s gifts for the end of the year. I wanted to make something for a class basket for Kaylee but I’ve run out of time and money to do that. The teacher’s gifts I’m making are being made with my scraps which is good. It’s actually funny because I obviously had all this available for the last one I made and didn’t know it and purchased fabric for it instead.

Here is a picture of the quilt I just finished.11119936_10152611676626792_6730673361421786660_n 10985177_10152611676561792_7841214673130719299_n

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And not just your standard cold or flu but rather pneumonia and I can’t help but be a bit angry about it.

In the first week of March she started running a fever so I took her into Urgent care to be seen. The doctor said it was a double ear infection. She was put on antibiotics and did improve until about day 9 of the antibiotics when her fever came back. I took her back in on Monday morning and saw another doctor who said it was just a virus and that there was no evidence of an ear infection at all. She gave me the typical timeline for getting better.

Well yesterday after seeing temps of 102 or higher most of the week I decided that this wasn’t right and finally got in with her normal doctor and he diagnosed and confirmed pneumonia.

Do I think this could have been prevented? I don’t know. The doctor seems to think it was just the virus getting out of control. But honestly I think she did have the infection already and the original antibiotic, which was low end stuff, just didn’t work and she needed stronger meds.

Either way, now she’s on stronger meds, and an inhaler. I don’t know what this virus is that she had, but it seems that it hasn’t effected anyone else in the house. Either we’ve just been careful or it just wasn’t as contagious as it could have been.

Either way I’ve not slept normally in days. And then tomorrow we have to get up really early so we can head out to the Xfinity race. I’m looking forward to taking pictures of the CUP practices that will be held that day.

Maybe Sunday I will get some much needed sleep.

Oh on a side note, even having just been on the antibiotic for one day, Annabelle is doing much better.

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Tonight we saw Cinderella and I have to say I think it was pretty good. I enjoyed the young woman that played Cinderella. I don’t know her name but she was good.

I particularly like one part of the movie when the King and Prince were talking and frankly it was just a beautiful ending to the scene the way they shot it.

The movie though held true to the original though and there wasn’t much straying away from it other than some background junk which I imagine for a cartoon was unneeded but for this movie it worked rather well.

I didn’t go see this movie with the girls but if they don’t get to see it I’ll take them sometime.

I did though buy them the new Tinkerbell movie. I think I’ll save it though and not tell them until Friday which is movie night.

I purchased me some new shoes as well. I have had the same pair of shoes for five years. It’s hard to find good shoes. But I needed them, since my others were on deaths bed. Also got new tires for my car. I was hoping that replacing the TPMS sensors would fix my TPMS issues but apparently not. When I take the van in for an oil change in the future I’ll ask them to reset the system.

I also bought myself a hairdryer; I haven’t owned one of those in God knows how long. It will be useful for myself as well as the kids.

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So I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do for my next quilt since I finished my other one. I had intended to make this:


Main problem with this one is the pinwheels don’t look all that great. But I guess in the end it doesn’t matter. I’ve been slowly making the half square triangles for the pinwheels. I may though try to do some sort of chevron pattern instead with them verses the pinwheels. A chevron pattern would be good for quilting purposes of course.

I have another quilt top I should work on finishing but it’s put together and just needs backing fabric and batting so I may not actually work on that one just yet.

After this Frozen quilt top is done I’m probably going to work on a quilt that was purchased for me over a year ago. It’s a beautiful quilt but it’s a lot of work which is why I’ve avoided it for so long. But recently I got a bit better with applique so maybe it’s time to work on it.

Then after that I have some other fabric that I intend to use and make something out of it. Not exactly completely sure what yet, but it will be something!

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1-DSC_9394In the first three months of the year I’ve completed two quilts, one wall hanging and one quilt top. I’ve also started on another quilt that I should finish the top for pretty soon as well (maybe this weekend if I sit down and do it). I’ve been on a quilting roll.

It’s good though because I’ve been having severe anxiety to the point where it started to effect my health. Quilting has proven to really be my calming outlet which is nice. Of course some of the tools to distract from anxiety inducing thoughts often lead me to overthinking quilting projects but at least doing that doesn’t stress me out.

It’s been working though, distraction thinking. If I start thinking about things that typically trigger my anxiety I start thinking about something else instead, most of the time what I’m going to do quilting wise. Sometimes I think about shows I’m watching or food I’d like to cook, but mostly it’s quilting that I like to think about.

What I do think though is as much as I say this now, I was much less anxious when I kept up this blog. Probably because I could write stuff out. I got to a place where I just felt that I couldn’t write anything anymore because of people in general. Part of me says, screw them and just go ahead and write. And I probably will.

Some of it might even be political. It’s coming up to that time of elections and just political crap. I have to say I’ve never been more concerned for this country and especially for the kids we’re raising when the adults in this nation can’t even seem to communicate with each other without frankly, becoming assholes. Social media may keep us informed but it’s also created a relatively anonymous avenue to attack those who don’t think as you do. And that’s just plain said.1-DSC_9380

It’s seems that people have forgotten that you can be presented with the same facts but come out with different solutions/observations/beliefs and that’s okay. Unless something is being done that is seriously damaging to people, having a different opinion of how to tackle a problem, or what needs to be done, isn’t a bad thing. People have really gone into this “I’m right and you’re all wrong and I’m not going to listen to you anymore!” The problem is in fact that no one is listening anymore. Because everyone is so concerned with being right, rather than doing right.

It’s interesting because it’s apparent to me that many people lack basic critical thinking skills. They lack the ability to listen, see the other side, and counter an argument in an appropriate manner. Maybe Common Core is needed more than ever. I think our current political culture shows it’s needed.

On that note Kaylee was once again the recipient of High Honors at school achieving a 3.8 grade point average for the second trimester.

40-DSC_8974Annabelle has started softball. She’s frankly, 4. She refuses to listen sometimes which is extremely frustrating to me. But there are times when she does listen and she does really well. She’s hit the ball several times, throws very well, and is a good runner. If only she’d listen all the time. But she’s 4 and I believe the youngest on the team so I’m not too surprised at it. Her behavior in general though has been a bit out of control so we’re trying to reel that in.



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So I had surgery on the 16th and it went well. I did though have to spend some time in bed resting and what not. So while laying around doing nothing I had to decide on what to watch on TV and finally said to myself that I might as well watch Sherlock since it was there.

It’s a damn good show. Managed to watch all three series in one weekend. They’re filming series four at the moment too! It’s a very good show. And that’s saying a lot coming from me because I’m pretty critical of television. It’s too bad though that it’s not a full on TV series like we’re used to. Of course both the main actors for the show have had some very big movie roles over the past few years so I imagine that’s why it’s done as it is done.

The kids managed to get the flu while gone when I was recovering from surgery. Neither went to school this week. On Monday Kaylee sees her endocrinologist. I’m debating sending her to school for a few hours on Monday morning. Or just sleeping in and not sending her at all. LOL!

Anyhow here are some pictures to look at.

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Stress. Apparently I have too much of it.

If it’s not stressing about work, it’s the kids, or Brian or whatever. Then add on top of it I scheduled a surgery for the end of the week, which I’ll probably stress about as well.

I’m trying to remain calm about that though. It’s a minor surgery, shouldn’t be more than an hour. I think if anything I’ll probably stress about the after care because I’m a freak like that. Worrying about infection and what not.

I’ll have to work on controlling my anxiety on that. I guess a good part of the surgery though was for Pre-Op they had to do a routine blood panel which is something I wanted done anyhow. So at least that will be done. Hopefully those come back soon so I can see what they say.

Otherwise nothing much is going on. Kaylee is doing well at school, Annabelle is enjoying preschool. It’s all good. Had fun over the holidays. Went to Disneyland, luckily after the Measles crap went down.

But that’s about it really.

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DSC_8231If you didn’t know, Kaylee is in band at school. She plays the sax. They had their winter musical yesterday. She did really well honestly. She said she wasn’t nervous because she just pretended she was in class rather than in front of the school and parents. Good for her. We did have a minor “AHHHHH” moment before the performance where her mouth piece fell apart, but nothing that wasn’t quickly fixed. I took video of it which I will upload to Facebook. She seems to enjoy the sax. Says she wants me to purchase one for her (we rent her current one). I’ll have to look into that over the summer if she’s still into it.

I know I haven’t posted in FOREVER. I just post mainly over on my Person of Interest blog and that’s about it. There isn’t much to post about these days. Nothing is literally going on.

I’m about to finish a quilt for a Christmas gift but I can’t post pictures of it. The quilt looks good, the quilting job I did was crap though. Hopefully though once I run it through the washer and maybe iron it, things will correct themselves. Overall I know the person I’m sending it to probably won’t give a damn what it looks like, but I am not happy at all.

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Nothing much to report here. Got the kids school photos back. That’s about it. Holidays are coming up. Nothing really is planned. Oh also got photos done with the girls in the first time in forever.

10421104_10152331081036792_5822817601181064843_n 10665196_10152330816996792_2450491614673359733_n 10384118_10152329549246792_949487852892593012_n


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DSC_8105Recently I have been working on a baby quilt for a coworker who is having a baby boy early next year. I used the Zoologie fabric line to make this quilt. It’s a quick quilt, took no more than 10 hours to piece together and quilt (since I do simple quilting).

Originally I was going to offer this quilt as a custom quilt in the shop but sadly the fabric for this is not easy to find anymore. But I can do similar to it, with the updated fabric from the line.

Which reminds me I haven’t told you about my newest venture: Forever Quilty. It’s my quilt shop. Go check it out!